“Stop asking the wrong question about lung cancer.” That’s the cry for compassion from those on the front line - the sons, daughters, husbands, wives, mates and siblings of those living with the devastating diagnosis of lung cancer.

Watch behind-the-scenes on our campaign shoot.

Each hour, an Australian watches a loved one die of lung cancer. Instead of support, most of these people face stigma from a community that blames them for having their disease.

But enough is enough. 

To challenge the stigma, we asked 10 friends, family members and loved ones of those diagnosed with lung cancer to show the human toll of the disease, by leading our campaign. They are the faces of lung cancer and their stories are front and centre. Young and old, male and female, smoker or non-smoker – lung cancer does not discriminate.

These are real people, asking for a fair go for everyone impacted by lung cancer. Are you ready to help change the conversation?

We want people to know that lung cancer can impact anyone at any time. You don’t have to be a smoker. Lung cancer needs to be treated equal in understanding, funding and support as other cancers.
— Sacha and Stephanie Koltun, campaign participants. Their mother, Rhonda, passed away from lung cancer