Rupert’s best mate Michel has lung cancer. It could just as easily be your friend, mother, brother or neighbour. Let’s start giving lung cancer a fair go.

Rupert has always been surprised by how often people ask if Michel smoked. It’s only once they learn he didn’t that they start asking how someone as healthy as Michel could get the disease. It’s one of the reasons Rupert was keen to join the campaign, to help break down the misinformation around lung cancer.

No one with any kind of cancer deserves that cancer. Lung cancer is no different. Society has a certain view on it, and 98% of the time it’s not the correct view. It’s time get to the heart of the matter and change that perception.
— Rupert McCall

Lung Foundation Australia needs your support to change the landscape of lung cancer by funding for research and better treatment options, and campaigning against the stigma that acts as a barrier to action.